The Duelz keeps it real

It can be challenging to play against a machine, and impersonal too. So why do it? Log into the Duelz Live Casino and have an interaction like in a real casino.

What is offered at the Duelz Live Casino?

The action starts when you click on the selection of games in Live Casino. Immediately you will see all the regular favourites like roulette, monopoly, blackjack, baccarat and Sic Bo. Crazy Time, Mega Wheel, and Deal or no Deal are welcome varieties.


Get ranked with Poker

There are many variants to card poker played for centuries. Born from a game called As-Nas in the 17th century, Stud poker was the initial version and was later joined by Texas Hold’em. Poker’s evolution has turned this card game into an online phenomenon.


Was Roulette a fluke?

If the attempt to make the perpetual motion machine was, in fact, the birth of roulette, Blaise Pascal succeeded in inventing the most notorious gambling device that is, to this day, and now live roulette online, part of casinos.


Hit it hard in Blackjack

Whether you play a single hand of blackjack or like having those hands lined up five at a time, waiting to see if your hand will bust or stand against the house is exhilarating and the reason we can’t get enough of blackjack.


We can’t get enough of this Canadian Live Dealer Casino

For an exhilarating evening out or in – it is completely up to you with live dealer casino games online – there is no better place than an online casino vibe. With multi-angled cameras, you will not miss a thing.


Live dealer casino games

There are some live dealer casino games, with blackjack and poker coming to mind that no casino will omit, and then there are the extras, as you can see from the list below.



You have a lot of betting options in Craps, which can make the game intimidating. Three odds bets, pass and don’t pass, are the most popular though a win is created by the numbers on a pair of dice.


Sic Bo

The game Sic Bo is an Asian favourite for playing online. You can find the game on the Live Casino, and the rules are simple. Choose a number on the virtual screen and roll the dice.


Dragon Tiger

Pragmatic Play has brought a new game to the casino tables called Dragon Tiger. The playing grid is presented on a red table, and the basic idea is to bet on either the card with the dragon or the tiger.


Deal or no deal

Based on the TV game show, Deal or no Deal is a popular multi-layered game starting with players spinning a three-reel bank vault setting the money in the briefcase holding the biggest prize. The stakes get higher when a mysterious banker joins.


At the Live Casino, you are the star!

Join thousands of other players who have discovered the value of the Live Casino, where you are the star, the casino is your stage, and the games are your vaults.

  • Can I use the bonus money in the Live Casino?

    Yes, you can, but you must keep in mind that games have a different percentage counting towards the wagering conditions set out in conditions. So, where you will have 100% counting towards wagering requirements in slots, a table game like blackjack will only remove 10% from the conditions.

  • What is the best game to win money?

    The best game to play is a personal choice, but blackjack has the best odds for winning more often, with the house edge being much lower than other games. You can play it safe with outside bets for roulette, and the European version is the better choice.

  • Who are the game providers at the Live Casino?

    The developer, Evolution Gaming, is a big name, and it is among the best Live Casino studios in the world. Duelz has some of their own live dealer games, but you can also play some live dealer games with Pragmatic Play and NetEnt, which feature games in the Live Casino too.

  • Is it possible to talk to live dealers?

    Yes, while the dealers can only see the number of players and their names in some cases, the players can see the dealers and the table to ask them questions. Game studios include several items to make gamers’ experiences as realistic as possible, creating an on-land casino-vibe.

  • What languages are available for the Live Casino?

    The Live Casino operates primarily in English, but there are tables dedicated to serving customers in their language. You will find live dealer games in Italian, Turkish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese, and Greek. Live dealer games can not be played for free or if no deposit is paid.